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Clear the Bench Colorado

Randomly, as we’re working our way around Colorado a concept so profound and valuable comes to light that we feel the need to back a cause or organization completely within this organization. Such is the case with Clear the Bench Colorado. Legal leaders within our communities have taken advantage of their position, claiming power they have no right to claim, these power plays cost tax payers money, time and effort to reclaim lost rights. The real cost is measured in time spent on the bench. Legal power mongers tend to remain on the bench so long they feel they are empowered to change the law with their decisions. This is not the case.

As a nation we must return to the collective and conscious government of the United States Constitution, where the laws are created by a vote of the legislative branch and upheld by the courts. Never, in the Constitution was it decided that judges would CREATE law. By clearing the bench as designed by our votes, we avoid the over-empowering value of time spent on the bench by power hungry legal representatives who deem it their RIGHT to create laws, because they’ve maintained their position. Such was never the case and as voting constituents we are granted the right to limit their time on the bench and the resulting damage created those who spend unlimited time in their appointed position.

Young Conservative Leaders of Colorado encourages readers to visit Clear The Bench Colorado and support this cause for justice and liberty within the state.

Government is not created to provide for, manage and direct the people, but rather to protect the rights and purpose of freedom and liberty. YCLoC stands for the shrinking of an overabundant government that has outgrown possibilities, destroyed the borders of fundamental values and cleared the ranks of good common sense.

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